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The Jorge Colina Group is committed to operating within the highest standards of ethical behavior, honesty, transparency and accountability. Our mission is to deliver the highest caliber of service to our clients, making their success our goal.


Crisis Management and Communication

JCG specializes in applying analytical skills to identify root causes and quickly employ effective resource management and timely, concise communication in order to mitigate the disruptive and unexpected events that threatens to harm an organization and its stakeholders.


Organizational Assessments

JCG’s team of subject matter experts and research scientists specialize in organizational assessments focused on identifying gaps and deficiencies existing within the agency. Our purpose is to accurately and precisely identify areas for improvement and deliver findings and recommendations that will serve as a roadmap for the agency to follow. The goal is to assist the organization transform into an agency that is recognized for its law enforcement best practices and Constitutional Policing.


Government Procurement Consultants

Leveraging decades of executive experience in both the government and private sectors, JCG helps connect companies in the public safety and security space with end-user clients. Enhancing their business development capabilities, JCG develops strategies for its clients that will help them navigate complex government procurement processes resulting in maximum sales closing opportunities with their government customers.


Executive Searches

Focusing on process transparency, inclusive and strategic direct recruiting, JCG leverages its extensive national network to actively recruit and deliver to our clients only the most qualified candidates. Our consulting team is accessible and participates throughout the recruiting and vetting process so our clients can proceed with the confidence that the position is filled with only the most qualified candidate.


Leadership Coaching

From first-line supervisors to executive C-suite clients both in the private and government sectors, JCG draws from its consultants’ decades of executive experience to deliver actionable information that focuses on leadership development strategies helping individuals grow and organizations thrive. Through personal, one-on-one coaching or larger cohort sessions, JCG helps transform managers at any level of the organization into highly effective leaders.


Public Safety Leadership Testing

JCG subject matter experts work with public safety government clients to create and deliver job-related supervisory testing material designed to identify the highest qualified candidates for leadership positions. From building exams for law enforcement first-line or mid-level supervisors to exams for fire departments that run the gamut from Driver/Engineer to Fire Marshal, JCG can design a customized exam that will help identify tomorrow’s leaders.

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